Snowy Friday & 3 Exhibition Openings...

My snowy Friday couldn't be better than this. I think I'll let these pictures describe how beautiful this day really was...

After having lunch at our favorite restaurant, we decided to go to the opening of a group exhibition titled "My Super Hero" at Aaran Gallery. Artists presented their works in which their interpretations of "Super Hero" were conveyed. Works included Installations, paintings, posters, Photos and Sculptures. Niusha Tavakollian & Sara Abbasian were among my favorites.

Sara has introduced to us an unfamiliar yet interesting concept. As parts of her art pieces, she takes copies of the National Geographic and writes over/paints over parts of the magazine's articles and pictures. As you're browsing through the pages, you can't really tell if these works are intentionally done by the editors or by the artist to present her own views. The little drawings or sentences added by Sara most likely convey artist's perspective. "We seem to love walls, but embarrassed by them. They say something unpleasant about the neighbors - and about us." Sara Abbasian
Wherever you see 123456789 in the magazine, just know that Sara has left a footprint. I'll let you browse through her works and decide for yourself how talented this artist really is.
Check out her website

Of course one opening wasn't enough. Next stop was another opening. Mostafa Darebaghi's exhibition held at Golestan Gallery:

Lastly, I had never been to Etemad Gallery before but had heard a lot about it. Hence we decided to drop by their opening of a group exhibition. More than a month ago, Samira Nowparast had a successful exhibition titled "The Horse Factory" at their space but I did not have the chance to see her works. This place is definitely worth checking out since the directors usually don't go wrong in their choice of exhibited artists.


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