Art Dubai, March 2011

So I've been putting off writing about this experience since I wanted to write it at a time when I'm focused and have gathered all my thoughts... well, that time apparently never came or maybe I've been too busy with a routine life that I've forgotten how wonderful it feels to get myself lost in the world of sculptures, paintings and poems... A dinner here, a museum visit there, an interesting article here and a surreal experience there.. I wonder how I can remember all that's happened since my last post. I'll try to take baby steps (a path I shall take in all aspects of my life) and write about these past few months in the next few posts.  I've been to Dubai Art Fair and Sharjah Bienniel, had a studio visit at my friend, Pouya Aryanpour's studio, travelled to New York, attended this year's Sotheby's auction for contemporary arts, got mesmerized by what chelsea galleries call "real art", did the so-called thursday night gallery hopping in upper east side and chelsea galleries, had another studio visit at Bahar Behbahani's and many many more... these experiences are not easy to be put into words but I'll take my best shot... So here goes...

The most recognized contemporary art fair in the region, Art Dubai took place from 15th until 19th of March 2011. Located in my favourite and one of the most beautiful resorts ever, The Madinat Jumeirah, it consisted of over 80 galleries participating from all over the world. The amount of art one gets exposed to at these fairs is so tremendous that it can somewhat get overwhelming at times. At least, that's how I felt as I tried to visit the booths one by one. I can get obsessive compulsive sometimes. I wanted to visit every single piece exhibited by every single gallery at the fair... of course that didn't happen.

The opening night, I just browsed for an hour but the following day, I had a chance to stop by and find my favourite pieces.

Some of which are pictured and shown below:

By: Shahriar Ahmadi

Shahriar Ahmadi's works are textured. They were among my favourites and were exhibited by two different galleries. I love how he mixes elements of spirituality and showcases them in a contemporary environment.

Part of a triptych: Hidden Goddess Series by Halim Al Karim

Many pieces brought in by galleries catered to the artistic taste recognized within the region. I guess that is the case with all fairs. However, what was interesting to me was the great number of emerging Middle Eastern and oriental artists represented by galleries located not only in the middle east and China but also in Europe and North America. Another artist whose works I became familiar with was Ms. Soodi Sharifi. At a glance, her paintings/collages seem like a typical miniature painting but look closer and you'll see much more; you'll see young modern girls and camera men strategically misplaced in the paintings... a case of our everyday life... tradition intertwined with a modern lifestyle...

Courtesy of LTMH Gallery
The Dubai Art Fair had many programs and tours organized by the Art Fair Committee. A series of talks and seminars were given by experts in the field, collectors, curators and museum directors and etc. An amazing environment for any art lover... As for us, we were kids in a candy store...


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