Aun Gallery & Razieh Sedighian's exhibition (Zero)

So we went to Razieh's exhibition on Friday evening. There were, I would say, about twenty or thirty critiques and artists critiquing Razieh's works. Attendees included her fellow artists in Pouya Aryanpour's art class as well as established artists such as Pouya Aryanpour and Dr. Behnam Kamrani. Razieh's works comprised of tiny dots that are carefully put together and have created shapes similar to galaxies, pigs which at times are mating or are gathered around in a condensed fashion, unfinished faces, and geometric shapes and structures. All works in this series are ink on cardboard. Razieh's employment of techniques as well as her chosen subjects were the main topics of discussions.

 Razieh's works are so detailed that a viewer needs to get exceptionally close to each work and give meticulous attention to each piece as I'm sure there are many messages to be conveyed and many unknowns to be discovered. Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance and the crowd... mostly filled with artists... As for her works, they were quite interesting... and definitely worth viewing...

On a different note, Aun gallery is a great place for exhibitions and cultural gatherings...  It's interesting to know that there used to be an old auto body shop in its location... The interior has a high ceiling and a paneled roof in order to get the maximum natural light... The exterior reminds you of old clay houses in villages but with a twist... the twist being the white washed walls representative of minimalist contemporary design... Also, I heard that recently the owners have opened an extension right next door...

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