Friday's sky and monOmer exhibition

Tehran's sky on Friday morning looked breathtaking... Visibility was almost unlimited and you could actually see Damavand's peak covered with snow... now, for those who live in Tehran, this is a rare occasion. The weather was so pleasant and a mild breeze reminded you that spring is near.
This time of year, we all regain hope for new beginnings... and for each of us, that new beginning brings about newly defined goals and dreams... Now, I have defined many goals for this new year but the most important one is inner self improvement. what are your new year resolutions?

I accompanied a friend to a clothing/jewelry exhibition... monOmer is a brand established by two friends who have studied textile design and print. Some of their creations included prints of Persian coins and Persian miniature on clothing items (pants, scarves, coats, tights, etc.) as well as imitations of ancient Persian coins on rings, cuffs and earrings... Exhibitions of coats and accessories are quite common in Tehran but finding unique items might be a bit difficult... However, these works were interesting and monOmer's showroom was surely worth visiting...


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